How would you like to elevate your camera easily up to 25 feet?

Eye-Stick® increases your opportunities for a unique shot. You can get close to the action whether it’s skateboarders spinning off the top of a quarter-pipe or demonstrators surging toward a police cordon.

The Eye-Stick expands your range, it’s compact and easy to transport. It only requires one person to operate it and with the Eye-Stick wireless video recorder/monitor you can view the action and set up your shot.

It weighs just 10 pounds and measures 6 feet, 8 inches when stored. When fully extended the Eye-Stick measures 25 feet. With the Eye-Stick wireless video recorder/ monitor you can view the action—then you can shoot the action, away from the action.

Eye-Stick Professional includes :

  • Wireless Rechargeable HD Camera with Wi-Fi & Remote Viewfinder capability.
  • Multi-Position Head enables connection to any digital or video camera with the standard ¼” -20 thread.
  • Universal Ram Mount® I-Phone Holder. For tablet or phablet mounts, see the accesory page
  • Eye-Stick® Carry Bag
  • One-Year Warranty

Do you need the perfect shot at a sporting event or at a trade show? Would you like to expand your services and offer your clients more choices?

With Eye-Stick® you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the action, whether it’s a sports event, a trade show, a concert, a wedding or a family celebration.

Made up of six pole sections, five thumb clamps and a camera mountable head that is fully compatible with the latest camera technology, the Eye-Stick is easy to adapt to different situations. The camera mount holds both video and digital cameras securely. You just fix your video or digital camera to the mount, switch it on, press record, and you’re ready to operate the Eye-Stick.

You can easily create photographs from the recorded video by using the snapshot feature on photo software such as VLC. You can download this free at

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