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 Eye-Stick® enables inspection of extreme heights, new angles, and dangerous situations from a safe distance. 

Eye-Stick® is an industrial telescopic video mounting system that uses a WiFi enabled smartphone or tablet and a camera equipped with Remote Viewfinder capabilities to record, save, and evaluate roofs, gutters, attics, crawl spaces and more without ladders or safety concerns. 

Starting at $489, add an Eye-Stick® to your tool set today!

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Home Inspection

Eye-Stick home inspection

Eliminate the need for ladders, decreasing your exposure to legal liability. Reduce the hazards associated with using ladders and other potential health risks such as exposure to mold or asbestos.

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Elevated Photography

Eye-Stick photography bucket

Create opportunities for a unique shot by getting close to the action from a new angle: whether it’s a group photo, skateboarders spinning off the top of quarter-pipes, or demonstrators surging toward a police line.

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Law Enforcement

Eye-Stick law enforcement bucket

Stay out of harm’s way in critical situations. Minimize your exposure to danger by viewing the action from cover or at a safe distance, such as around corners, on rooftops, and through doors or windows.

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